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Stir Bars
Disc - PTFE

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DESC: Height 6 mm, Diameter 9 mm, PTFE
SIZE: Height 6 mm, Diameter 9 mm
QUANTITY PER: 10-pack  PRICE: $32.00

DESC: Height 6 mm, Diameter 10 mm, PTFE
SIZE: Height 6 mm, Diameter 10 mm
QUANTITY PER: 10-pack  PRICE: $34.00

DESC: Height 10 mm, Diameter 20 mm, PTFE
SIZE: Height 10 mm, Diameter 20 mm
QUANTITY PER: 10-pack  PRICE: $50.00

DESC: Height 12 mm, Diameter 30 mm, PTFE
SIZE: Height 12 mm, Diameter 30 mm
QUANTITY PER: 10-pack  PRICE: $70.00
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